Track employee expenses
inside  Slack

Are you still using the old Excel sheets to calculate your team's traveling, books, and education spending?
Expenses app will make budget tracking 10 × easier, more efficient, and more bearable 🐻

Budgets for your employees

Your employees know best what resources they need to do their job.
Expenses will help you show that you care about their long-term growth,
and trust their judgment.

🎓  Education

Books, conference tickets, workshops. Give your employees tools to grow. Not only will these bring value to their work, but it will motivate them to stay in the company longer.

🚞  Travel

Encourage self-service with hotel rooms, plane tickets, and gas. Save your office manager lots of time, while allowing your employees to be more comfortable on business trips.

🏋️  Health & wellness

Gym, yoga classes, healthy snacks. Incentivize your employees to find what works for them and reduce the risk of burnout.

🏡  Work-from-home

Noise-canceling headphones, ergonomic keyboard, stand-up desk. All home-work environments are different and your employees know best what's missing in theirs.

Support for multiple roles

How it works


creates a budget


reports an expense


approves it

User Interface

100% in Slack


Multiple budgets

As many budgets, as you need, for different purposes, currencies, and users

Expenses approval

Assign budget managers who control, and approve, reported expenses

Receipts upload

Take a photo of a receipt, send to Slack, and attach to an expense


Specify user groups eligible to use (and view) budgets

CSV import / export

Migrate your existing expenses using import, or export to CSV for Excel reporting

… and much more!

Trial · Free · Premium


Start your 7-day Premium trial for free,
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  • Unlimited budgets
  • Multiple currencies
  • Budget limits
  • Custom managers per budgets
  • Receipt tracking
  • Expense approvals/rejections
  • Data import/export
  • 10 expenses per month
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$0.83 /user
  • Unlimited budgets
  • Multiple currencies
  • Budget limits
  • Custom managers per budgets
  • Receipt tracking
  • Expense approvals/rejections
  • Data import/export
  • Unlimited expenses
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trial work?

After you install Expenses, you will automatically have a 7-day, free trial enabled. No credit card required. During this time you can use all the premium features. After 7 days your subscription will be changed to the free version automatically. You can then decide if you want to pay for your team to enjoy the premium features, or use the free plan. All your expenses remain safe regardless of your plan.

I have 10/50/100/500 users in my Slack, how much do I pay?

You pay for each user that is registered in your workspace. Billing amount is updated before each payment based on the number of users in your Slack workspace. Bots and guest users are not counted for billing.

How long can I use the free plan?

Forever. Free plan is limited in features, but can be used indefinitely.

Do I have to pay after trial?

No. After a 7 days trial you will automatically move to the free plan.

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