Be honest.
Your company
is managed
on  Slack

Your tools should keep up
and be wherever you,
and your team,

Deskful builds apps
to run your business,
and brings them to you.

100% inside Slack

Access for everybody

Streamline your processes

Why Slack apps?

Your team
is already there

Everybody in your team already is on Slack. This means they have access to all our apps out of the box. Don't worry about onboarding, offboarding, ACLs - it's all taken care of.

your team actually reads

Unlike email, Slack is the one app your team actually opens every day and reads the messages that come up. Notifications sent by our apps are actually read in a timely fashion.

Support for all
of your devices

No separate mobile apps, or promises of "mobile support is on our roadmap." If you can open Slack, you can use your apps, wherever it is.

No context switching

Instead of having to open a new browser tab each time you want to check something, just call our app from Slack. It takes like a second.

Advanced interfaces

Our apps use all the features provided by Slack's platform, i.e. modals, forms, buttons, workflows, notifications, app home, and much more…

Our apps

Track employee budgets & expenses

Perk for your employees and the invaluable tool to get work done. Define budgets for Education, Travel, Wellness, … and let your employees spend it, while keeping an eye on receipts.

💸  Unlimited expenses
💰  Unlimited budgets
💱  Multiple currencies
📊  Budget limits
🛡  Expense approvals/rejections
💂  Custom managers per budget
🧾  Receipt upload
📃  Data import/export

+ our suite of
productivity Slack apps

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